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Lake Leelanau is the foundation on which No-Fish No-Fee was built. With the Natural Walleye population depleted to near non-existence by the 1970's in Lake Leelanau, an intense restocking program was put in place by Michigan's Department of Natural Resources in the mid-80's. The reintroduced Walleye thrived and by the early 90's fishing was spectacular. This boom coincided, with then bass fisherman Cal Stier's, first Walleye fishing trip to the lake. By 1994 Cal had received his Inland Charter Captian Licence and launched No-Fish No-Fee. After more than 20 years of guiding on Lake Leelanau, Cal has seen the lake sustain a high concentration of what is now a natural reproducing Walleye population. Lake Leelanau is truly one of lower Michigan's most beautiful lake shores and it continues to maintain as one states most elite inland Walleye fisheries. This is what keeps No-Fish No-Fee's clients coming back year after year.