About Your Guide

Since 1994, Guide Cal Stier, founder of No-Fish No-Fee, has been guiding clients in Northern Michigan’s famed Traverse City region. With over 20 years of experience he has built a wealth of knowledge pertaining to the region that he passes on to his clients every time he takes to the water. With a main focus on targeting Walleye, clients will have the opportunity to catch a magnitude of species while experiencing the “snap jigging method” Cal has perfected to target these Northern Michigan Fish. Guide Cal Stier has been featured in many publications and T.V. show’s displaying his techniques. Many local fisherman and even some new guide’s to the area have adopted this technique when trying to target Walleye on these bodies of water.  


Our Approach 

At No-Fish No-Fee we like to take a "Rod in Hand Approach". This means while guiding our clients we prefer to put a rod in each guest's hands, giving you a true fishing experience. Don't be fooled, we do accommodate for the client who may want to kick back and watch a bobber or troll a few planer boards. Our preference though is to show our clients what may be a new approach or tactic to them, but what has become a proven technique in our, day in day out, operations on these Northern Michigan fisheries. Cast Jigging with spinning tackle and light line is our Go To when hunting down these fish.